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Akvis Sketch. Akvis has several excellent products. Our favorite is Sketch, which provides great flexibility for turning photographs into highly detailed line drawings, watercolors, etc. We have used it on some of our cloud and sky images (not yet available for viewing or downloading at this site) and on some images at

SiteGrinder. Create web pages from within Photoshop without writing HTML code. We use it and recommend it highly. has extensive online help, tutorials, and forums plus periodic interactive webzines.

(AF) Shozam. Shozam is one of the more powerful applications for creating photo galleries. Galleries are composed of albums (groups of photographs). The “Express” and “Home” versions are low cost. The “Pro” version gives more choices for display.

The “Business” version permits the addition of PayPal sell buttons. You can also add buttons of your own making and links.

On this page you will find links to software that we use and recommend. As you move your cursor (screen pointer) over each of the icons at the left, this text will be temporarily replaced by a popup description of each product. Click on the icon to open a link to that product’s online description and download page.

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Fast-Help. We use Fast-Help to produce the Help pages for our web site. These pages open in your internet browser on both Windows and Mac. It has a small learning curve and exceptional ease of operation. As an aded plus, it is possible to produce multiple outputs -- .chm, .html, documentation, etc. -- from a single document.

Nik Sharpener Pro. We have not sharpened the images you purchase from Why not? First and foremost, because sharpening (if any) should be applied after you have completed all of your digital editing including sky replacement.

Sharpening depends upon your intended output; requirements are different for web display and printing at different sizes. You may want to apply selective sharpening only to certain parts of your image. Clouds are inherently amorphous, areas that you may not want to sharpen at all.

Last, but not least, if you apply sharpening in Photoshop to an image that already has a sharpened layer, nasty results may occur. We’ve found Nik Sharpener Pro to be an indespensible tool when discriminently applied to images according to their intended use just before “final” output.

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These links take you to external web sites that are not an integral part of We have visited these sites multiple times and have safely downloaded software that we have tried, or bought, or updated. If you are concerned about privacy issues, please read the privacy policies at any sites that you visit.

   At this site, you will find a huge collection of sky images for royalty-free use as backgrounds for digital images. More than 2000 high-resolution frames were photographed exclusively for Use these images for sky replacement in Photoshop and other digital imaging programs. We have sky replacement tutorials, sky image slideshows and contact sheets, suitable skies for use as backgrounds in every outdoor scene. At the bottom of most pages, you will find scrollable text like this that will give you more information about our products, slideshows, contact sheets, and tutorials.