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Products: The complete 2000skies collection consists of 31 DVDs that are organized into sets. You can purchase sets separately (but the lowest cost per image is offered in the complete collection. DVDs are numbered 01 through 31. Our unique clasification methods are “layer identified” to facilitate usage in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, as well as other photo-imaging applications. (Optional Blu-Ray sets -- with fewer physical disks -- are planned for the near future.)

Image sets are loosely classified in the following categories: Blue sky (lighter and darker blue), sunrise and sunset, and a few objects in the sky such as: airplanes, helicopters, the moon, birds, rainbows (future set).

Some images are single-frame while others are composite stitched panoramas made from multiple-frame exposures. Scale transformation in Photoshop allows you to locate a suitable sky background and to correctly fit it into your original image.

The “Galleries” menu option, above, will take you to our Galleries Gateway page on which you can select from several viewing options to browse through various sets.


The Products page is the starting point for viewing and selecting products.

At this site, you will find a huge collection of sky images for royalty-free use as backgrounds for digital images. More than 2000 high-resolution frames were photographed exclusively for Use these images for sky replacement in Photoshop and other digital imaging programs. We have sky replacement tutorials, sky image slideshows and contact sheets, suitable skies for use as backgrounds in every outdoor scene. At the bottom of most pages, you will find scrollable text like this that will give you more information about our products, slideshows, contact sheets, and tutorials.