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Privacy Policy Details: This page will be expanded when and if necessary. March 16, 2009

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All other web pages are external.

We (this site, our sites) do not collect, sell, or distribute any private, financial, and/or personal information that you may reveal to us, this web site, and/or our guest book, newsletters, blogs, and email lists (if any) that exist now or that may be added. Orders are handled by certified third parties who may, in conjunction with orders, collect such information as names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. We may redirect you to other web sites from our pages -- e.g., order fullment, --- in which case we ask you to refer to those external sites for their privacy policies as we have no control over those entities. Although we have endeavoured to deal with only secure authorized sites, external site policies and content may change from time to time, and we do not necesarily receive such changed information.

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