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Download free Google Chrome Browser.

If you haven’t yet tried Google Chrome, we suggest you give it a try. It has some amazing features and a more efficient use of memory than other browsers. But, you might want to keep another browser as well. We’ve had a bit of trouble viewing Adobe Reader files on occasion.

Download free Mozila Firefox Browser. Firefox has a growing number of fans. We test our site in all the popular browsers.

On this page you will find links to free software, including browsers and the Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player that are needed to view some pages at

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Mac users have the Safari browser as part of Mac OX and likely don’t need this link. Windows users might like to try Safari. The free download and install works on both operating systems. We include it because we test our web-side displays in multiple browsers to help assure proper viewing with no bad side effects.

Adobe Reader. Contact Sheets and some of our tutorial pages (PDF) require Adobe Reader. Download the free software from the button to install or update Reader on your system.

Flash Player. The Shozam Gallery Intro, the Adobe Albums, and the SiteGrinder Flash slideshows (home page) require Adobe Flash Player. Download the free software from the button to install or update Player on your system.

Free Software

This page contains links only to software that is free. No payment required. Nothing that doesn't work. Principally, we set up this page as a convenient way for you to get the free Adobe Reader and free Adobe Flash Player required for viewing our Gallery, Estore, and contact sheets. Both of those programs are "plug-ins," that is, they are installed as adjuncts to your Internet Browser. We also provide links to several of the more widely used alternate Internet Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Opera. We test viewing of our site in each of these browsers and, oif course, in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (current version). If you have viewing problems, see our "Contact Us" page and send an email to