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On this page, move the cursor over the original image to see the transformation. Other examples pages have slide shows with background skies that automatically change about every 5 seconds. Use the blue arrow button, upper right, to see several pages of additional examples in a separate browser window.

This is a small lighthouse by lighthouse standards, but it is rather photogenic. The sky was washed out, although not completely gray. Color correction on the foreground followed by sky replacement produced a much better image.

The sailboats were photographed on a somewhat overcast day at Block Island, Rhode Island. A bit of color correction in Photoshop helped the boats and jetty, but the picture lacked punch. Selecting the sky while retaining the mast lines on the boats took a bit of time, but was worthwhile when the sky replacement resulted in great improvement.

2000Skies Examples

This examples page contains some examples of skies we have replaced and also tells you what to expect on this page as well as other examples pages. This page is a gateway to other examples pages that open in a separate browser window. You can retain the other window by minimizing it if you want to retaurn to our main pages. There are blue-arrow buttons for navigating the ring of example pages.